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I love selling homes,I really do.I love meeting and helping people find the home of their dreams.Seeing the look of excitement on my client’s face when we find the right one, it makes my day.
To understand better how much work goes into to make a deal close please see a brief summary below.


I meet with the sellers to tour their home and complete a comparative market analysis (CMA)
I then meet with the sellers a second time to study and analyze market data,determine market price,go over the marketing plan and complete listing paperwork,
measure rooms, take photos and enter property into MLS and various web sites.

Then I create and submit add to local newspaper, create and print information sheets for the house
drop off information sheets and install lock box on the house. Ensure there is a supply of information sheets throughout the listing and
respond to emails and phone calls from seller throughout listing period
set up and host Agent Open Houses to allow fellow agents to view the home and offer their opinions. I then contact the seller with Agent Open House feedback.

I schedule Open House and place Open House sign at the property and advertise and host Open House’s
After Open House I contact seller with Open House feedback and also contact Agents for all showing Feedback.
I contact seller with private showing feedback, review market daily and provide seller with changes to market conditions,
meet with sellers as needed to discuss market position and possible price adjustment.
I contact seller with questions asked by potential buyers, assist seller with negotiating offer and possible counter offer,
fax or deliver counter offer to and maintain communication with selling agent throughout negotiation process
prepare and provide seller with conditions due dates, contact seller to verify date/time for home inspection,
meet with and assist seller with negotiations that my arise from home inspection
maintain communication with selling agent, fax or deliver firmed offer to sellers lawyer
follow up with sellers lawyer on closing date.


meet with buyers to discuss their time line,type of home,lending information, etc
set up search for buyers, email new listings to buyers daily, follow up with buyers for feedback on listings that have been sent
schedule showings, show properties to buyers, contact listing agent with feedback and questions raised by buyer
contact buyer with answers to questions, set up second showing, meet with buyer to write offer
fax or deliver offer to listing agent, assist buyer reviewing and writing counter offer(s)
fax or deliver counter offer(s) to and maintain communication with listing agent throughout the negotiation process
notify buyer that offer has been accepted
prepare and provide buyer with conditions due dates
fax accepted offer to lender
provide a list with home inspectors
contact listing agent with home inspection date/time
attend home inspection
meet with buyer to draw up paperwork requesting repairs resulting from home inspection (as needed)
maintain communication with buyer regarding offer conditions and their due dates
fax firmed offer to buyer lawyer
arrange for finale walk through
respond to buyers emails or phone calls regarding offer or general home buying questions
follow up on the closing date with the buyer and the buyers lawyer

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Steve Hopsinson your Barrie Real Estate Agent

We enjoy real estate!

We live it, breath it, teach it…but most importantly, we love the people that we get to meet whether we are buying your property or selling you one of ours.

Without the people…real estate is just dirt!

Every time we meet someone new, it`s a new chance to help and enjoy the process of working together to build lifelong friendships and business relationships.
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Steve Hopkinson
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Barrie Real Estate Agents - Deanna and David Pavlovich - your Choice Realty

If the time has come for You to “Find Your Dream Home”, then we would love to help. New properties are listed every day. By filling out the form, We can have new Listings emailed to You as soon as they become available.

For those wanting a steady return on their money, barrie proeprties can be a sure bet. When the baby boomers started madly buying home. To make the best remodel or move decision, it is important to understand all the reasons that you have to remodel and all the reasons that you have to move.

Deanna Pavlovich

Sales Representative

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David Pavlovich

Sales Representative

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Your Choice Realty Corp., Brokerage

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Barrie Real Estate Agent Darren Johnson working full out for you

Darren has been actively Listing and Selling Residential Real Estate in Barrie, Innisfil, Essa and Oro/Medonte for over 6 years. His passion for Real Estate and his ability to work with people have allowed him to successfully close transactions effeciently and as smoothly as possible, with integrity and honesty always being the forefront of every deal . Being a full-time REALTOR gives him the ability to be there through all stages of the process from start to successful finish! Bringing new methods of advertising and using today’s latest technology to complete full market analysis for pricing and professional photographs, your home will be marketed with maximize exposure and priced to maximize your investment, while keeping competitive in today’s slowing market!

Darren Johnson Sales Representative

Sutton Group Incentive Realty Inc., Brokerage

tel.: OFFICE: 705-739-1300

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fax: 705-739-1330

email: darren@djhomesales.com

AgentEXPhoto_SRoss Sharon is a Professional Real Estate Agent in Barrie On. She provides professional advice and guidance when buying or selling your Barrie Real Estate Property.

Robert Young - Re/Max Real Estate agent for Barrie OntarioI Want to be Your REALTOR of choice for Life! Contact Me Today!

“I will treat you the way I would want to be treated” 

My goal is to provide you with such outstanding personal service that you’ll always feel like you’re my only client.  I can do this because I am equipped with the tools, information and support I need to make the most of our relationship- enabling me to be by your side, serving you throughout every step of the entire process.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, hire someone like me, who wants to earn your business. I invite you to contact me as I’d be happy to assist you with this important transaction. 

In addition, if you have any general questions about buying or selling real estate in the Simcoe County area, please contact me as I’m more than willing to help.

Please browse my website for listings, reports and important local real estate information.


Robert Young
RE/MAX Chay Realty Inc. Brokerage

Robert Young
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rob Calladine - Professional Realtor with Re/Max Chay Barrie

Dedicated Full time Realtor with over 20 years experience. Prides himself on honesty and integrity. Will do anything for his clients and is not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and getting in the trenches to ensure his clients obtain the best possible deal. Whether buying or selling Rob is willing to provide you with the experience and knowledge to make your next property transaction a smooth experience.

Rob Calladine
Office Phone: (705)722-7100
Email: robcalladine@surfremax.com

selling your houseAmortization Schedule – A clause in your mortgage which
allows the lender to demand payment of the outstanding loan
balance for various reasons. The most common reasons for
accelerating a loan are if the borrower defaults on the loan
or transfers title to another individual without informing
the lender.

Appraised Value – An “appraisal” is a comprehensive report
that determines the value of your property based on a number
of valuation factors, ranging from gross living space, to
the view and the year a property was built. If you plan on
purchasing a new home or refinancing your current loan, you
will need to order an appraisal. Usually a bank or mortgage
broker will handle this for you, but you will still have to
foot the bill unless it’s built into your mortgage rate.

Fixed Rate Mortgage – A fixed-rate mortgage is a loan that
charges a set rate of interest that does not change
throughout the life of the loan. It is the traditional loan
used to finance the purchase of a home and is what most
people have in mind when they think about a mortgage.

Interest Cost – The cumulative sum of the amount of
interest paid on a loan by a borrower. This amount should
include any points paid to reduce the interest rate on a
loan, since points are in effect pre-paid interest.
Additionally, any negative points or rebates paid by a
lender to a borrower should be subtracted from the interest
cost as they are in effect a refund of future interest the
borrower will pay on the loan.

Broker – In the United States, real estate brokers and
their salespersons (commonly called “real estate agents” or,
in some states, “brokers”) assist sellers in marketing their
property and selling it for the highest possible price under
the best terms. When acting as a buyer’s agent with a signed
agreement (or, in many cases, verbal agreement, although a
broker may not be legally entitled to his commission unless
the agreement is in writing), they assist buyers by helping
them purchase property for the lowest possible price under
the best terms.

Listing – Open listing, this is an agreement whereby the
property is available for sale by any real estate
professional who can advertise, show, or negotiate the sale.
Whoever first brings an acceptable offer would receive
compensation. Real estate companies will typically require
that a written agreement for an open listing be signed by
the seller to ensure the payment of a commission if a sale
should take place.

Lily Cadeau is a professional Realtor who is experienced in buying and selling Barrie Properties

My career in real estate is both exciting and satisfying. My background in business management, and the organizational, negotiation and people skills that I have developed enables me to serve my clients well. I have been recognized for my real estate sales, receiving achievement awards in the Gold Club and for the past three years, Diamond Club. My goal is to continue providing exceptional service to my valued past and future clients.

Lily Cadeau
Sales Representative
Office Phone: (705)720-1070
Fax: (705)812-0465
Email: lily.cadeau@rogers.com

Luc Trahan - Barrie Real Estate Agent

As you know, when buying a home or selling property, the agent you INTERVIEW has to have your best interest at heart. When dealing with one of your biggest investments, make sure you ask your potential agent what he plans to do to make the process as stress free as possible while keeping the excitement as high as possible.